The 7 Top Features to Add When Building Your Home

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The 7 Top Features to Add When Building Your Home

Building a house is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. Even with a pre-designed home, there are still plenty of details for home builders to hash out. For anyone wondering just how closely they should stick to the pre-design, here are the 7 top features to add when building your home.

Storage Space

One of people’s chief complaints in homes of all sizes is a lack of storage space. As your budget allows, consider adding as much closet space as you can, particularly in the master bedroom. Custom closet additions can make it easier to keep your clothes and personal items organized, and ample hall closet space provides a way to keep towels, linens and other items out of sight but within easy reach of guests. In the kitchen, consider a well-designed pantry or custom cabinets. Small details, like a designated drawer spot for your paper towels, can make life much easier. Or a pull-out drawer for garbage/recycling and/or laundry. And don’t forget to have storage space in the bathroom and other bedrooms in the home.

Kitchen Island & Countertops

Kitchen remodels are among the most expensive for homeowners, so it might save you money to invest in that kitchen island from the start rather than try to add it on later. If your kitchen is going to be the focal point of your home — feeding kids, preparing holiday meals, entertaining guests — then it makes sense to invest in higher-quality countertop materials, or custom cabinetry.


There’s nothing worse than needing to plug in and having to hunt all over for an outlet. While modern home builds are much more accommodating to modern-day needs, it’s still a good idea to evaluate your own lifestyle and see where additional outlets are needed. If you want to have a lamp on each side of the bed, then a centrally located outlet, or multiple outlets, are probably a good idea. Plug-ins in the bathroom can make morning hair routines much easier, and multiple outlets in the kitchen are a must if you have gadgets and/or appliances. And don’t forget about the outside of the house — make sure you have ample and strategically placed outdoor outlets for things like holiday lights.


Making sure you have at least one outdoor spigot is obvious, but having more than one is probably a good idea. Also take into account having hot/cold options for your outdoor water. In the garage, make sure there is a drain in the floor. For outdoor spaces, consider integrating them with your indoor spaces. Patio doors can connect a kitchen directly to a deck, for seamless entertaining.


As much as your budget allows, add windows to fill your home with natural light. Consider a skylight where windows aren’t an option, like the bathroom. Like outlets, make sure you have light switches where you’ll need them. If you have an attic, make sure there are lights and a switch (a two-way switch, one in the attic and the other in the hallway, is a popular option). A light switch at the head of your bed is another good idea.

Mud Room

To keep the entryway clean and tidy for guests, many homeowners prefer to have a designated mud room. But just because this is your family’s drop-zone doesn’t mean it has to be messy or haphazard. With a little planning and design, mud rooms can be neat, tidy and stylish.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

While having a refrigerator built-in or integrated can be a nice touch, it’s even more important to look at how energy efficient they’ll be. Energy Star,, provides a comprehensive list of the most energy-efficient appliances on the market. Another energy-saving option is a programmable thermostat, to keep you home at an even temperature even when you’re gone.

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