Custom Home Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Building a home can be complex. It requires research, budgeting, and planning, and spurs a lot of questions. For answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about custom home building, read more here and let CMS Homes know how we can help!

Semi-Custom Home Building FAQs

What is a semi-custom-built home?

Semi-custom-built homes are CMS Homes’ specialty. You select one of our base-model homes, which are full of practical, stylish features, and then customize it as much as you want. Using a base-model plan that we know fulfills most people’s wishlist gives you a jumping-off point and eases the burden of starting from scratch, especially when you’ve never built a home before. You end up with a semi-custom, new-construction home that’s uniquely yours and fulfills all your needs.

Is there any cost or obligation to receive a price quote on a new home?

Absolutely not! We’ll be happy to schedule a time to sit down with you to discuss your needs and dreams as you begin the process of building your dream home. In fact, this is a great time to really get an idea of just how much home you can invest in. Our free price quotes will spell out every item that affects the cost of your new home. No surprises — just a completely transparent quote for you to take home.

What size homes do you build?

Our base-model homes start at 1600 square feet and range up to 2500 square feet, but since we can customize the home to your desires, it can go up in size.

How do I begin the process?
One of the first steps is to determine a budget range that works for you. To get a real number, rather than what you think you can afford, we recommend talking to an experienced lender. If you don’t have a lender, we have preferred lenders with whom we work and trust and are happy to recommend. Find out more about our preferred lenders.
Do you have in-house financing?

Yes! With our Easy Build program, all you worry about is getting your permanent loan lined up. We handle the construction financing and all insurance while the home is under construction. Learn more about the Easy Build program.

How long does it take to build a house from start to finish?

The process of building your dream home depends on the size of the home and the location of the build. It typically takes about four to six months from dig to move-in.

What advantages do your homes have compared to used houses in the marketplace?

No compromises! Every house on the market is going to have something that’s just “not right” for you, something you’ll either live with or spend extra money to fix. Why invest such a large sum and then “settle?” When you build a CMS Home, it’s built exactly the way you want it, and you know everything about it. Plus, you’ll have a comprehensive warranty. A new construction home also features up-to-date codes, greater energy efficiency, and the latest safety features.

Do you have models to tour or homes under construction that I can walk through?
Yes, we have display homes that you can tour to look at the quality of our craftsmanship. In addition, we typically have 15–25 homes under construction in various stages. We are happy to have you look at these to see which floor plans you like.
Who will be my main point of contact during construction?
CMS Homes takes a true team approach to building your home. You will collaborate with several of our dedicated team members at various stages of the project, but once the build begins, your main contact will be your dedicated, highly experienced Project Manager.
How many changes can I make to one of your base-model floorplans?

That’s the beauty of working with a truly custom or semi-custom homebuilder like us — you can literally make as many changes as you want. Want to add square footage, a three-car garage, or move a few walls? No problem — we can do that. The number of changes you make is limited only by your desires and budget.

What’s included in the base price?

Included in the price of a base model are some of the most comprehensive and high-quality exterior and interior features of any builder in the Troy, MO area. You can choose from standard or upgraded features, which can be modified as much or as little as you want — there are no limits to what we can do.

Do we have to begin with one of your house plans?

No, you can bring your own house plan, however, most of our customers start with one of our plans and make the changes they desire to make it uniquely theirs. See our new home plans.

Do your homes come with a warranty?

We offer a limited builder’s warranty, which includes 1-year on workmanship and materials, a third-party 10-year structural warranty, and a full two years on delivery systems of the home. Get more details about our warranty.

What type of land do you build on?

When you build in a CMS Homes community, you’ll see beautiful, nature-inspired communities with various lot styles. Want a bigger lawn and fewer trees? Maybe you’d like more privacy and a wooded area? We have a wide array of choices. The best way to see the type of land we build on is to tour a few of our communities.

How much of my time is required to work on the project during the building process?

Other than the first two meetings, some materials selections, and a few phone calls to touch base, ask and answer questions, and prepare for closing, you can carry on with your life and leave the details to us. Our process, which we have fine-tuned over 20 years, is one of the simplest and most stress-free in the home-building industry.

What if we decide to make a change once we’ve chosen a material or design component? Like the countertop material, paint color, or moving a wall?
As long as it hasn’t been ordered, built, or installed, there is room for change, however, there may be an upcharge or fee from the builder or vendor if the window of time for making that change has closed.
Are there hidden costs?
We make sure there are no hidden costs. If a cost should change or anything needs to be updated from our original plan, you will be the first to know. We rarely, if ever, add small price changes to the contract, unless you request an upgrade that we didn’t factor in the first time.
How complicated is it to manage the timing of the financing and closing day?

We have a financial coordinator who keeps the ball rolling and gets you to the closing table on time. She will alert you when you need to review or sign something and work with your lender and title company to make it all come together.

Build Anywhere New Construction FAQs

Can I build a CMS home on my own land?

Yes, you can build a CMS Home anywhere, using our Build Anywhere program. See the detail here.

What type of land do you build on?

The best part of being an on-your-lot builder is that we can build your home on the lot of your choice. The location is up to you, in a rural setting, on a family farm, on a lake, in a development, wherever you choose. Whether you currently own a site on which to build your new home, are narrowing down your options between multiple sites, or are just getting started, we can help you through the custom home building process.

Will your team come out to evaluate my future home site to assure it is right for my new home?

Absolutely! We are happy to schedule a lot walk for you— at no cost or obligation. This is the best way to assure your home can be situated on the lot the way you want it. We can also address any concerns or questions about the lot before the actual building of your home takes place to make it as easy and carefree as possible.

Will CMS homes handle the site work for me?

Unlike some builders that expect you to prepare your site and have it “build-ready” before they start, we do all of that for you. Since every lot is different, as part of your lot walk, we’ll provide a quote, estimating the costs involved to get your site ready for your new home — but rest assured — all the work will be handled by us.

Can you help us find land if we don’t already own land?

Don’t worry if you don’t have land yet, almost half of our customers did not own land before they came to us. We have valuable relationships in the real estate community with those happy to help you find the perfect lot for your home.

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CMS Homes in Troy, Missouri, doesn’t expect you to navigate the home building process on your own. Before you spend a ton of time researching and worrying about the details, contact our sales team and we’ll set up a time to talk without any obligation. We’ll even send you home with a comprehensive, free, new-home estimate so you can continue to plan — knowledge is power!