Easy Build Program

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Easy Build Program for building on your own lot or land.

No Construction Loan Needed
You deposit am amount equal to 10% of the home and lot cost with CMS Homes and we get the construction loan for you. If you already own your lot you will deed the lot to CMS Homes and you can use any equity (Lot value minus loan payoff) you have in the lot as part of your 10% deposit. If you don’t own the lot or land then CMS Homes LLC will purchase the lot or land on your behalf.

Program requirements
Lot payoff can not exceed deposit.If you already own your lot and there is a lot loan payoff CMS Homes will be paying off that loan when title is conveyed. Your deposit must equal or exceed the amount of that payoff.

Satisfactory pre-construction appraisal of lot and house and lenders commitment for your end loan financing when home is complete

For more information call 636-462-3500 or contact us here.

Any “Easy Build” new home deal is predicated on construction lender approval.

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