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No Construction Financing Needed

It is common for people who want to build a home to avoid it because they don’t want to go through the hassle of figuring out how to get a new home construction loan. How can building a home be possible when you’re already paying your current mortgage? Wonder no more! With CMS Homes’ Easy Build program, you can build a new home while you live in your current home and the process is, well — easy!

Our Easy Build Program — 3 Home Building & Lot Purchase Options

CMS Homes, LLC, removes the burden of obtaining a new home construction loan with our Easy Build program. This program allows you to:

  1. Build in a CMS Community, with a 10% deposit of the cost of the new home and lot.
  2. Build on your own lot, you provide a 10% deposit in lot equity (value of the lot minus your lot loan) and/or cash.
  3. If we help you find and purchase a lot that’s not in one of our communities, CMS Homes, LLC, will take title of your lot, giving you credit for the lot equity. When the home is complete we will convey the home and lot back to you. In this case, we require a 10% deposit in lot equity and/or cash.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started Building Your New Home with CMS Homes — No Construction Loan Needed

Build Anywhere: Most of our Build Anywhere customers use their lot as equity for part or all of the required 10% deposit. The lot is then conveyed to CMS Homes, which means we buy the lot, and take the next five steps to get the construction process moving forward.

Build in CMS Community: If you build in a CMS Community where we already own the lot, skip steps one and two.

  1. You must submit a satisfactory pre-construction appraisal of the lot and house.
  2. If you own the lot, we buy it from you, take title, and sell it back to you as a package with the finished home.
  3. You must provide a lender’s commitment for permanent financing of the completed home. This commitment needs to be more than a pre-qualified letter. It must be an approval that has been through part or all of the underwriting process.
  4. Then we put together a precise estimate of the lot, the home plan, and every interior and exterior feature you’ve chosen with our sales team, accounting for every detail.
  5. You get one last chance to review the final estimate and plan and make sure it’s 100% right for you. Changes can still be made at this time. When it’s approved by you, we start building!

Do you already have a construction loan?

If you have obtained a construction loan in anticipation of building your home, that loan will need to be paid off before you begin working with CMS Homes. From over 20 years of experience, we know that conventional construction loans make the process much more complex than it needs to be for you and us. If you want to build with CMS Homes and have obtained a construction loan, just give us a call and we will advise you on how to move forward.

“I think the price was very competitive. Using the Easy Build program was a huge perk. The completion date given was kept. Very open communication.”

– Jesse Stiers, Build Anywhere Homeowner

CMS Homes Build Anywhere Program

The CMS Build Anywhere Program is available within 30-35 miles of Lincoln County, MO, if you’d like to build a new home on your land. If you already have home plans but aren’t sure where to build, CMS Homes works with local realtors who can source lots for sale if our communities are full. We also have a large selection of semi-custom home plans to choose from and a streamlined, stress-free building process you can count on, no matter where you build — with no construction loan required.

The Easy Build program for our Build Anywhere customers is just as explained above in the five steps. However, if you have a loan remaining on the lot, your deposit must be equal to or exceed the amount of that payoff. When you build with us, CMS Homes, LLC, will pay off that loan when the title is conveyed

Need Financing for Your New Construction Home?

Need a local lender you can trust to obtain financing for your new construction home package? One who knows the area and will work with you to secure the best loan terms possible? We recommend Tony Pogrelis and his team at Guild Mortgage.

“As a home builder, it’s critical that we avoid any surprises in the end. Our experience with Tony has built that trust and why we recommend him to our customers.” — CMS Homes, LLC

Tony Pogrelis

Branch Manager, Guild Mortgage
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Troy, MO 63379
O: 636.445.8047
M: 314.800.5146
Company NMLS # 3274, Equal Housing Opportunity

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Simplify New Home Construction Financing by Eliminating the Construction Loan with CMS Homes, LLC

Don’t let the complicated process of new home construction loans and financing stop you from exploring your options in the Moscow Mills and Troy areas. With CMS Homes, there is no construction loan needed, making your dream home even more attainable. It really is easier than you could’ve ever imagined! Contact sales today without obligation and start the discussion. We’re happy to help and our comprehensive estimates are free.

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