Our Process

Our Home Building Process

You’ll often hear that the home building process is stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming. Has that stopped you from building your dream home? It doesn’t have to! When you build with CMS Homes in Troy, Wentzville, St. Charles, Foristell, Wright City, or Moscow Mills, Missouri, or anywhere in between, our simplified process takes you from the idea stage to moving in with ease.

Build a New Home in the Troy, Missouri Area

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a new home in the Troy, Missouri area, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is with CMS Homes. When you work with our team, we take care of everything, from our first conversation to closing and sometimes thereafter, and — crucial to a successful build — we communicate openly, honestly, and regularly. We believe in fair pricing with transparency and frequent and open dialogue, so you never have to wonder what’s happening with your home-building project.

Nobody comes to us as a home-building expert, that’s why for over 20 years, we’ve perfected the process, making it as straightforward as possible with comprehensive guidance every step of the way.

A Snapshot of the CMS Homes Building Process

Our caring staff will guide you through the entire home building process with ease. We strive to make your journey stress-free and provide the peace of mind that comes from building the highest-quality home with careful craftsmanship in a community you love. The process unfolds like this:

Step 1: Initial conversation and a free estimate
Step 2: First in-depth meeting
Step 3: Construction financing with our easy-build program
Step 4: Visit your homesite
Step 5: Explanation of warranty

Step 6: Make materials selections and finalize design
Step 7: Build Agreement
Step 8: Meet your project manager
Step 9: Releases and documents
Step 10: The Build

To see each step in greater detail, scroll down for more information. If you’re ready to speak with a CMS Homes sales representative, there is no charge or obligation. It is a great first step to get an idea of what we offer and just how much home you can invest in. Your quote will detail every item that could affect the cost. No surprises — just a completely transparent quote for you to take home.

“Very, very, pleased with the house. Great job building. Well-built home and you do what you say you will do. The whole experience including sales and financing proved my gut feeling that you were the right builder for me.”

– Joel Hughes, Park Hills Homeowner

Where CMS Homes Builds in Missouri

Moscow Mills
New Melle
Wright City
Hawk Point

Lake St. Louis
St. Peters
Bowling Green

10 Steps to Build Your New Construction Home

CMS Homes keeps your Lincoln County, Warren County, or St. Charles County new home construction project running smoothly. From planning, designing, and building, to permitting, financing, and closing paperwork, these ten steps move fast — before you know it, you’re building a home and moving in. And the best part is, we manage it all so you don’t have to!

Free Estimate

Receive a transparent price you can count on.

Design Meeting

Craft semi-custom home design with CMS experts.


Utilize our optional Easy Build Program.

Homesite Visit

Visit the lot together to finalize details.


Confirm details of our 10-year warranty.

Finalize Design

Verify home features for workable blueprints.

Build Agreement

Draft agreement for all parties to sign.

Meet Project Manager

Meet your CMS home-building partner.

Release to Start

Provide loan docs & sign release to start.

The Build

Move into your dream home in 4–6+ months!
To see each step in greater detail, scroll down for more information. If you’re ready to speak with a CMS Homes sales representative, there is no charge or obligation. It is a great first step to get an idea of what we offer and just how much home you can invest in. Your quote will detail every item that could affect the cost. No surprises — just a completely transparent quote for you to take home.
Step 1: Initial Conversation
Your home building journey starts with a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with a knowledgeable sales representative. You will discuss things like desired interior and exterior features, your budget, a homesite location, the size of lot, and anything else concerning your potential new home. We provide a free estimate so you know what you can afford and where we can adjust the build up or down.
Step 2: First In-depth Meeting
The next meeting is more in-depth. Here, we help you decide which of our beautiful base-model home plans best fits your style and needs, and which CMS Homes community fits your lifestyle. We discuss your home’s design, floorplan, elevation, the overall build, and customizations in greater detail. It is common to have several design adjustments along the way until you arrive at the new home you want at a budget that works for you. Once these specs are finalized, we move on to financing.
Step 3: Construction Financing with Our Easy Build Program

Through our optional CMS Homes, LLC, Easy Build Program, you can obtain a very competitive construction loan. This allows you to get started faster than if you were to apply for and close a financial institution’s construction loan.

How it works:

    • The Easy Build Program requires a satisfactory pre-construction appraisal of the lot and home and a lender’s commitment for your permanent financing when the home is complete.
    • You provide 10% of the project cost in cash or lot equity (value of the lot minus your lot loan).
    • Your lot is conveyed to CMS Homes, LLC, and your equity in the lot can be part of or all of the 10% deposit required.
Step 4: Visit Your Homesite

The purpose of this visit is to determine if any site conditions exist that could impact the cost of construction and where your new home will be placed on the homesite. These site conditions can include:

    • Tree removal
    • Soil removal or fill or unusual soil conditions (i.e., rock, sand, clay soils, etc.)
    • A flood plain on your lot or land requiring special approvals
    • Drainage issues
    • Utility locations and distance to home location
    • Utility tap fees
    • Topography, which may or may not allow for a walkout basement, or it may require the garage to be on a certain side of home
    • Other factors that can affect the project’s scope and price
Step 5: Explanation of Warranty

Explaining our multi-tiered warranty often occurs during one of the previous steps, but we want to be sure you understand our third-party, 10-year limited warranty, which includes:

    • 1-year materials and workmanship
    • 2 years on home delivery systems
    • 10 years structural

What is and isn’t covered is detailed in the New Home Warranty Booklet. [link to booklet]

Step 6: Make Materials Selections and Finalize Design
Now it’s time for you and our in-house designer to put the home design and build specifications into a workable set of construction drawings or “blueprints.” While that process moves forward, we also help you choose materials, such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tile, and fixtures. Depending on your selections, you may need to visit a few of our vendors.
Step 7: Build Agreement
With the home’s design and options complete and all allowances accounted for, we draft a Build Agreement for all parties to sign. You will not be taken by surprise during the build. On the occasion something changes, you’ll find out as soon as we do, and the agreement will be modified.
Step 8: Meet Your Project Manager

Once the material selections and home design are complete and construction drawings have been generated, you’ll meet your project manager (PM). In this meeting, you will review everything that’s been completed and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding what is going into your home. Your PM will also explain how the process unfolds and what you can expect.

Step 9: Release of Loan, Build Documents, Waivers & Deposit

You’re almost to the finish line! We just need the following documents for the build to be “released to start” (our Closing Coordinator will help you with all the paperwork):

    • Loan commitment from your end-loan lender
    • Sign off on all build documents and specifications
    • Sign waiver of any remaining contingencies
    • Make a deposit if required

Once received, your new home project will be placed on our Ready to Start list. Homes are started in the order in which they were put on that list.

Step 10: The Build
It’s really happening! You’ve reached The Build Stage, which is typically 4-6 weeks after initial meeting. The builder gets started and within a few months, you will have a new home. Your new construction home project will follow this pattern:

    • Prepare construction site and pour foundation
    • Construct rough framing (shell)
    • Complete rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
      Install insulation
    • Complete drywall and interior textures; start exterior finishes
    • Finish interior trim; stall exterior driveways and walkways
    • Install hard-surface flooring and countertops and complete exterior grading
    • Finish mechanical trims; install bathroom fixtures
    • Install mirrors and shower doors, finish flooring, and complete exterior landscaping
    • Final walkthrough with builder

That’s it! Get ready to move in and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of in your unique, stylish, functional, and welcoming CMS home.

Did You Know You Can Also Utilize Our Build Anywhere Process?

Many people come to us with existing home plans and want us to build their new home. Some already own property and want CMS Homes to build one of our customizable base-home models. Others want to purchase property and build a CMS home outside of one of our communities and want us to help source the property.

Whatever situation you’re in, there’s no need to wait to build your dream home. CMS Homes uncomplicates the home building process, so you can build your new home anywhere within a 30–35 mile radius of Troy, Missouri) with ease.

  1. Bring your own plan designed by your architect or designer.
  2. Use one of CMS Homes’ new home designs at no design charge to you.
  3. Modify one of CMS Homes’ base models to make it unique to YOU! There may be a design fee depending on the level of modification. Design fee will be credited back to you if CMS Homes builds your new home.
  4. Create a one-of-a-kind custom home design based on your desired budget. Design fees will apply; however, those fees will be credited back to you if CMS Homes builds your new home.

If you’re interested in our Build Anywhere Process, you can learn more by going to our Build Anywhere page [link] or contacting a CMS sales representative.

Contact Sales for a No-Obligation Conversation

You can stop searching for the perfect already-lived-in home and start building a brand-new CMS Home built to your specifications today! Our step-by-step home building process helps you build a budget-friendly, high-quality, beautiful home you will be proud to own. Contact sales today for a no-obligation conversation and a free estimate.