Picking a new home builder

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There are 3 types of new home builders

Here is a simple guide to getting the right type of new home builder for you

If you are considering building a new home one of the most important things to figure out up front is “What type of home builder is the right fit for me?”. Pick the wrong type and you probably aren’t going to be pleased with the outcome. There is an analogy that I love to use when helping people determine what the right fit for them is. Think about the home building process as getting a meal prepared for you. There are basically 3 different ways to get that meal prepared and each way has it pros and cons.

image1. Production builder = Cafeteria style

The cafeteria style experience is very similar to the “Production Home Builder” process.  This type of home building  is much like going to a cafeteria for a meal. Basically you have several different options as to what you want but each of those items have been pre-determined and pre-prepared so you have no real input into how any particular dish is prepared. You get what you get. The advantage of this is the meal is ready and it is typically a little less expensive. Why is this? It’s because there is a lot of efficiency with a cafeteria. Because they are limiting food options and the way its prepared they can both purchase and prepare the food at a lower cost. No you cant ask that for the plan to be changed or modified but if price and and the shortest time frame to get your new home is most important to you then you should consider selecting a Production Home Builder to build your new home.

image2. Semi Custom Builder = Sit Down Restaurant

The “Sit Down Restaurant” experience is much like the  “Semi Custom” home builder experience. The menu is bigger, you can make changes, substitutions and even have some input in how a particular dish is prepared. No you can’t have Salmon if they don’t have it on the menu but you can dictate how your steak is cooked and seasoned or you can ask them if they would prepare you salad without onions or if they would saute your vegetables instead of steam them. If you want to be able to customize your new home to fit the way YOU want but stay within a set budget then a Semi-Custom Home Builder may be the perfect fit for you.

image3.Custom Home Builder = Personal Chef

We call the personal chef type home builder as a fully Custom home builder. With this experience there are no limits as to what you can have for your meal. If you want Lobster flown in from Maine or Kobe beef from Japan, your personal chef is going to make it happen. You can have input into every single aspect of your meal down to the smallest details. The advantages of a fully custom home builder is that you are going to get a “one of a kind” new home with every detail done to your exact specifications. If you want the ability to be involved in every detail of the new home process and budget is not an issue then a fully custom home builder is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a Cafeteria Style or Personal Chef type experience when building your new home then CMS Homes LLC is probably not the perfect fit for you. If you want a custom experience that is able to come in on budget then our Semi Custom home building experience could be PERFECT for you.

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