Lincoln County MO fun day trips

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Fun day trips from Lincoln County Missouri

One thing I have found in life is that a lot of hard things we go through in life end up having great benefits we never would have thought of. My wife and I experienced this in the past few years. During the recession New Homes weren’t selling very fast and we found ourselves needing to “pinch pennies”. In addition we were working more hours because we were doing most things ourselves instead of hiring it done. One change we made was instead of taking bigger vacations we started finding things to do that were less expensive and that we could do in one or two days. We found out that we were having just as much fun doing these things locally as we were taking bigger longer trips. Having that experienced gave us an awareness of the fun things we could do right around home. That being said we decided to share what we learned.

Day Trip to Clarksville MO

There is a little known drive near Troy MO that has some of the most beautiful scenery you could ever see. Last Sunday my wife and I loaded up in the jeep with the top down and the doors off and headed to Clarkville MO.

We took Highway 61 North out of Troy and turned on Hwy B. This is where the scenery starts getting good. But stay tuned it gets even better further into the trip. Stay on B until you get to Hwy W.

Make a left on Hwy W and enjoy seeing some of the beautiful farms with white fences. You will then come to end of Hwy W at Hwy F. Make a left on Hwy F and then get ready to make the next right at Hwy WW. As soon as you get to Hwy WW the WOW factor really starts kicking in!

Along the way you will pass through the quaint little town of Paynesville.

After traveling through Paynesville a few miles down the road you will pass an old mansion on your left. It is behind some trees so you have to be looking hard to see it. I was told that this mansion was built in the late 1800s by the person who invented the railroad car coupler. I have personally been it it and it is incredible. It has materials imported from Italy and other parts of the world. Amazing! It is privately owned now so you can just take a look from the road.
When you arrive in Clarkville you will eventually end up on Hwy 79. We always like to have lunch or dinner at Overlook Farms. Because of a recent fire they only have their outdoor seating open but if the weather is nice it is a GREAT experience. They always have fantastic entrees and sandwiches prepared by experienced Chefs. Right now they are BBQing on the weekends and I’m not talking about “run of the mill” BBQ. This is GOURMET BBQ that you will talk about for weeks.

Heading home you can either reverse the route or go a different way. Many times we take Hwy 79 back to Winfield then Hwy 47 back to Troy MO.

Trust me. You won’t be disappointed on this little day trip. Enjoy!!!

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