How to Find a Lot in Lincoln County, Missouri

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Building a new home comes with many decisions and challenges, one of the most important coming right at the start: Where to put it. It’s exciting to envision breaking ground in an ideal spot, and erecting your dream home in a spot where no one else has lived — maybe ever. But first, you need to find the lot. Here are some tips for finding a lot in Lincoln County, Missouri.

Ask an Expert

Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of others. Realtors, friends and family in the area, and custom home builders that offer custom or semi-custom “Build Anywhere” homes like CMS Homes are all good starting points. Websites like My Agent Finder or ELP, or newspaper ads can help connect you with a realtor and other professionals.

Take a Drive

If distance is not too much of a hindrance, it’s always a great idea to see potential land purchases in person. Research which communities you think you’d like to be in or near, then drive through the area to see if anything is listed. Most lots that are on the market will be clearly marked, which should include the seller’s contact information. Not only does this cut out the middleman, it gives you a chance to preview a lot and get a sense of what you do and don’t want.


Perhaps the easiest way to get a sense of what lots are for sale in an area is to spend some time searching the web. Sites like Trulia, Land and Farm, Zillow have large, easily searchable databases of land and lots for sale in Lincoln County. You can also browse online marketplaces via public groups on Facebook (e.g., “Lincoln County in MO:  Buy, Sell, Trade or Swap”), and be sure to check out the classifieds and advertisements in local newspapers, like the Lincoln County Journal.

Once you find a lot, the real work (and fun) begins. Be sure to check with local city and county officials to see how the land is zoned, to prevent costly and time consuming issues down the road.

Still have questions on finding a lot? Let us help! Contact us here.

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