How to Enjoy the Winter Season in Missouri

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How to Enjoy the Winter Season in Missouri

While it’s true winter in Missouri can get cold, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Winter can be a magical time, full of frosty adventures and cozy nights by the fire. As a bonus, many outdoor winter activities are fantastic exercise, so you can stay fit year-round. Here are some tips to enjoying the season.

Ice Skating

Perfect for individuals, couples or families, ice skating is a chance to get some exercise while socializing with others. Try St. Louis’ Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park, one of the largest outdoor skating parks in the region, Shaw Park Ice Rink in Clayton, or one of Missouri’s luxe resorts that features ice skating like Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozark Mountains. Some cities


Another classic wintertime activity, sledding can be fun for all ages. Be sure to buy your sled early, since stores will switch to spring gear shortly after the new year. Prime sledding spots include Art Hill in St. Louis’ Forest Park, or Stephens Lake in Columbia (where you can also ice skate when it’s cold enough).


If you’re looking for a more intense workout, try hitting the slopes. Missouri offers ample opportunity for skiing, snowboarding and even tubing. Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston and Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Eureka offer skiing and snowboarding, while cross country skiing is available at several parks across the state. Greensfelder County Park in Wildwood and Cuivre River State Park offer two of the best options for Nordic-style skiing, according to Step Outside.

Join a Sport

If you’re feeling a little more competitive, look into whether a club sport like hockey or figure skating is available in your area. Or maybe something like curling is more your speed. Kansas City has a Curling Club that could be just the thing to shake up your winter routine.

Build a Snowman

Whether you have kids or not, where there’s snow, there should be snowmen. Stick to the classic Frosty style, or create an elaborate snowy scene — just get outside and enjoy it. The best part? It’s free!

Eagle Days

Nature lovers can head outside to eagle watch during the wintertime. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, prime eagle watching time is from late December to early February. A list of recommended locations and events is available here on the department’s website.

Trout Fishing

Anglers will want to head onto public lands for some winter fishing. Fishing is allowed year-round, but the Missouri Department of Conservation stocks rainbow trout in the fall. A list of spots is available here. Be sure to check what the permit regulations and harvesting restrictions are before you head out.

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