New home choices…….Laminate vs Hardwood

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Once you have decided on your new home model and location you have some exciting choices to make. One of those choices is flooring. My wife and I installed Laminate flooring in our new home and we have absolutely loved it. With kids and a dog it has been a huge benefit however it’s not for everyone. The real look of hardwood is distinctive and rich. Laminate is less expensive and easier to maintain. Here are some more comparisons:

Hardwood Floor Laminate Floor
Visual Appearance excellent good
Scratch Resistance good4 very good
Stain Resistance fair1 excellent
Fade Resistance fair2 excellent
Impact Resistance good excellent
Ease of Maintenance good very good
Moisture Resistance fair good
Ease of Repair good poor
Can floor be refinished? yes (not acrylic impregnated) no
Install over concrete slab if glue or float yes, floating
Manufacturer’s Warranty good good
Installation Methods glue, staple, float some pre-glued
glueless, floating
Easy To Install (DIY) glueless floating – yes
staple-down – maybe
glue-down – messy

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