CMS Homes: An Interview with Our Closing Coordinator, Emily Wilson

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Building your dream home can be an exciting and rewarding experience when you choose a customer-focused building company with a straightforward process. That’s why CMS Homes in Troy, Missouri, has been building much-loved customized homes and perfecting the process for decades, so that it is exciting, rewarding, and easy for our homebuilders, from start to finish. Our customers, lenders, and real estate professionals frequently share that the CMS Homes’ process is one of the best around. We attribute a large part of that success to our Closing Coordinator, Emily Wilson. She works tirelessly behind the scenes from the minute the Build Agreement is signed through closing to ensure our clients are not bothered by the financial minutiae that can eat into personal and professional time.

Want to learn all that Emily does and how her talent and expertise will make your home-building experience stress-free? Keep reading and prepare to be amazed!

Partner with a Home Builder Who Does All the Paperwork & Handles Every Detail For You

To partner with a home builder who handles all the paperwork and the smallest of details for you for six months or more is a tall order, but it is possible with CMS Homes. Our Closing Coordinator, Emily, works behind the scenes with dozens of professionals throughout your home-building process so you don’t have to. You can carry on with life and eliminate the stress of daily project paperwork and management.

Since Emily is so crucial to the home-building experience, we asked her a few questions about her role and how it benefits CMS customers, and this is what she said.

What exactly do you do at CMS Homes?

I’m officially the Closing Coordinator, but I wear many hats! My responsibilities begin once the Build Agreement is signed by the customer and the CMS team. I process the contract, enter it into our automated system, and ensure the customer, agent, lender, and title company have my contact information. One of the most vital aspects of my job is to ensure confidentiality and control access to sensitive information, which is one reason having a single point person for all financial paperwork is beneficial.

Before a home is released to build, I must show the CMS Project Manager proof of funds, ensure the deposit is in place, get a signed contingency release, and send a Released to Start package to about 75 people to prove the hole can be dug and the house can be built. If the customer is building on their own land, there’s a deed transfer, which I notarize, eliminating the step of scheduling time with an external notary, then I hand deliver it to the title company to be recorded. This speeds up the process.

That sounds like a lot of work, but that’s only the beginning, correct?

Yes, all along I’m working behind the scenes with each customer’s real estate agent, lender, and title company to ensure they have everything necessary to make closing go smoothly. 

Then, when we’re 4–6 weeks out from the house being completed, I set up and confirm with the customer, agent, lender, and title company their walk-through time, closing date and time, and share the best date to transfer utilities. I also find out if there is anything else the lender needs to finalize the mortgage. By now, I have completed the 2–10 warranty information for the customer so they just sign it at closing. This is crunch time! The more proactive I can be, the less the customer has to worry about, and can be confident that closing will be effortless.

What should home-building customers know about the last couple of days before closing?

Once the house is complete, customers are anxious to start moving in, but before they can, there are still a couple of steps that must happen before closing: the final appraisal, and depending on the location of the home, obtaining an occupancy permit. I coordinate with our in-house, hands-on project managers, keeping an eye on each home’s completion date so I can schedule the appraisals and surveys and get any necessary permits to the lender a day or two before closing. I also review and approve all closing statements from the title company for accuracy. 

All of this is accomplished without involving the customer?

For the most part, yes. Typically, the only time the customer needs to get involved is if the lender needs more information. I make sure early in the process that we have everything we need from a financial standpoint. If we adjust the Build Agreement for any reason, for example, if the customer decides to add a feature or remove one, then we reach out to have them sign a new agreement. Otherwise, it’s hands-off for the homeowner.

What do you love the most about your role at CMS?

There are so many things I love about what I do. The role fits with my real estate experience and I’ve been able to customize, define, and perfect the financial process on our end. As far as I know, no other company in our area has the whole home-building process mastered the way we do!

Additionally, everything I manage from contract to close is paperwork-related, so when I see a finished home, it is rewarding to know that I helped make it happen. I also enjoy taking all the pictures of the newly finished homes for marketing and helping new clients see what we’ve built so they can customize their home plans by seeing the colors, elevations, interior designs, and other features in a finished house. 

CMS Homes — Uncomplicated Home-Building Process

Thank you, Emily. Hopefully, we haven’t given away too many secrets! If you want to build a home in Troy, Wentzville, Moscow Mills, St. Charles, or in a nearby Missouri location, with CMS Homes, you don’t have to handle all the complex paperwork and keep track of the daily details yourself. It is simply uncomplicated! You get to do the fun part —design your home with our in-house designers — and let us do the rest, so you can concentrate on work, family, and fun as your dream home is being built. 

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