4 Ways You Can Buy a New Home at CMS Homes

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Want a new home but want to use your own plan?…. WE DO THAT!

Fully Custom – We work with you in putting together a unique “one of a kind” plan that fits YOU.  The first step is working with an architect. We have several recommendations but we want you to use who YOU want not what’s most convenient for us. We will assist you in working with your architect. Your architect with our assistance would design a home according to your direction, and vision. You would choose all the materials, finishes, colors, mostly everything to be done as YOU want it.  Check out our newest custom home community Pine Lake Estates.

Want a New Home but need one now?…… WE DO THAT!

Homes in a Hurry – CMS Homes has this home and others ready or near ready for you to move in! Check out our current list of New Homes for Sale.

Like one of our plans but want to “tweak” it?…….WE DO THAT!

Semi-Custom – We have 17 new home plans with approximately 58 different elevations (exterior designs) for you to choose from. However we offer to option on any one of our models or elevations to build it like you want it. Anything is possible so long as it doesn’t detract from the structural integrity of the home. We can move walls, use different cabinet configurations, add plant shelves, the possibilities are endless. We believe this makes CMS Homes unique from most “big corporate” builders. They don’t want the hassle of making the changes. We welcome it.

Want a New Home with Custom Look that fits your budget?……WE DO THAT!!!!!

Our plans and elevations – This is your most affordable option. As previously stated you still have almost 60 different looks to choose from so your new home will feel unique to you however because it is a standard model and elevation we are able to deliver your new home to you at the most affordable price. Check out our New Home Plans here

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